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Testimonials for this workshop

"Fantastic feedback from staff, parents & most importantly the kids! WW1 isn't an easy subject to make accessible to kids, especially 5 year olds - but you did us proud! Another booking in the diary I believe! Nice one Sir!"


Adam Vasco (Deputy Headteacher, Liverpool)


"What a great day! The pupils loved the many and varied experiences you offered them and the staff thought the day worked very well, with a very good balance of activities and lots of learning! It was a most successful visit, due hugely to the links made to your own relative and all the research relating to him, as well as the many 'hands-on' opportunities you provided and your care and attention to detail, such as getting to know pupils' names, for example. Your delivery and organisation were excellent, as you could see from the pupils' responses. Many thanks from us all, for a memorable living history day.  From Staff and Pupils at Giggleswick Primary School, North Yorkshire."


Emma Thompson, Giggleswick, North Yorkshire


“A truly cross-curricular day - inclusive, enjoyable and informative from beginning to end!"  


J McAllister, y4 teacher, Worsley


"Many, many thanks for a fantastic day on Wednesday. The key stage 1 and reception children thoroughly enjoyed the World War 1 workshops. You brought a fairly tricky concept for young children to life in a way that was meaningful to them. They left school buzzing and have been eager to find out more! Thank you again."


Claire Wardell, KS1 teacher


"Mr B was excellent with the children throughout the day.  The children learned many aspects of the war and developed chronological skills through a well organised timeline activity."


y4 teacher and Key Stage 2 leader, Warrington


"Absolutely great fun, interactive and educational!"


Craig Jones, Teacher, y2/3, North Yorkshire


"Super workshop for KS 1. highly recommended, people!"


Rehana Rashid, KS1 teacher, Bradford


"Great First World War workshop today. my year 4 class and I loved it. inventive, informative and fun."


Ben Leah, y6 teacher, Fleetwood


"Our workshop was the most enjoyable day ever, which makes me want you to come again when I am in year 6"


y5 pupil, Manchester


"Mr B gave lots of interesting detail in his explanations and was very enthusiastic."

"Mr B was kind and trustworthy letting us touch everything - we loved how we could touch the objects."

"Mr B couldn't make it any better!"

"I enjoyed using sticks as rifles."

"The whole experience was good, I enjoyed it a lot."

"I enjoyed the marching." (quite a few said that!)

"Mr B was lots of fun."

"Mr B was helpful when we were looking at things."

"I liked how we learned things in a fun way."


y5 pupils, Bootle, Liverpool


“Very good activities which the children loved.  Clear explanations by the teacher with a good synopsis of each activity and opportunities for self evaluation of their learning."


Mrs Foster, y6 teacher, Oldham